Jonathan Webber – projects and choices

Episode 1 · July 12th, 2019 · 38 mins 24 secs

About this Episode

It's the first episode! And that means all the work that's been building for over year gets unleashed RIGHT HERE and it's pretty exciting and terrifying at the same time. So where better to start than with a conversation with a lovely friendly philosopher, discussing his fascination with soul-searching French philosophy?

Jonathan Webber is a professor of philosophy at the University of Cardiff. He came to Queen's University Belfast in April 2018 to do a viva voce examination of one of our PhD students. He was just about to publish his new book about existentialism and it seemed like the perfect time to grab him for a chat.

In fact, the conversation went so well that I'm putting it out in two parts. This is part one, where we talk about how he thinks we should think about what existentialism is. I'm calling it 'Projects and Choices'. Part two covers morality and freedom, and will be released as Generous Questions episode 2.

Here are some things that you might find useful:

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