Jonathan Webber – Freedom and Morality

Episode 2 · August 2nd, 2019 · 39 mins 50 secs

About this Episode

This is part two of the interview with Jonathan Webber about his book 'Rethinking Existentialism', and in this one we talk about existentialist ideas around freedom and ethical action, which is why I'm calling it I'm calling it 'Freedom and Morality'. I asked him some questions about how he knew that he had a big enough idea to start thinking about the topic as a 'book' project rather than a series of philosophy papers. We also got chatting about the current vogue of contemporary writing about Fanon, Beauvoir, existentialism, and (in contrast) a resurgence of essentialist positions in popular science writing.

You can find part one of this interview, which is about what existentialism is, and how to think about 'projects' and 'choices', by clicking here.

Here are some things that you might find useful – they're the same things that I linked to in episode 1, but here they are again:

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