Generous Questions


About Generous Questions

This is a podcast about Philosopy that's being made at Queen's University Belfast.

There are lots of philosophy podcasts, and they all try to do different things. Some of them involve super clever people having impressive conversations about weighty subjects, where they've prepared lots of important talking points. Others are hilarious (and clever) people having fun playing around with some of the things that they're teaching or researching. There are podcasts which tell stories that illustrate interesting philosophical questions. Some podcasts try to teach their topics, like an audio version of a textbook. Head-to-head debates are popular, where people try to explore something they disagree about by arguing over it. There are loads and loads of recordings of lectures or talks or presentations where a professional philosopher has been presenting their work and someone with a microphone managed to capture it.

But here, we're just interested in finding out more about some people and their interests. In each episode we meet colleagues, students or visitors to our Philosophy department, and ask a bunch of questions which give them an opportunity to say something about what they're up to. The aim isn't to teach anything, or settle or resolve anything, or to come to some Important Conclusion. The point is just to meet some people who are interested in philosophy enough to study it, and to hear them talking about their subject.

Generous Questions has been supported by some funding from the School of History, Anthropology, Philosophy and Politics.


  • Episodes are produced and edited by Joe.
  • The transcripts for each episode have been beautifully prepared by Becci.
  • The theme music is from li_serios05 by TVO on Broken20 records under Creative Commons license BY-NC-SA.

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